How to find Winning Products in Drophipping?

While some claim that the winning products are pure invention and that only marketing matters, others argue that they are the key to Dropshipping’s success. Personally, we are convinced that the choice of products is crucial to the success of an e-commerce store.

Also, many beginners make the mistake of spending a lot of time on store design and product promotion and neglect the essential point of a profitable store: Winning Products selection.

Choosing a product that sells well on AliExpress is a proven method. It can still be interesting, however other methods are currently less time-consuming and more efficient to find winning products: Adspy tools!

Finding winning products with an Adspy tool is in our opinion the most efficient method. This method is based on a key indicator: the success of its ad (its advertisement). In other words, if an ad has a lot of interactions (I like, comment, reaction) it means that the advertised product is viral and necessarily winning. It therefore has a great chance of being a winner for you too! 

At this stage, you have two possibilities to find successful ads:

Using Facebook

The first option is simply to watch the ads on your Facebook News Feed. We will then look for those that have a lot of interactions. The disadvantage of this method is that it suggests that only a tiny amount of the ads are present on Facebook. Indeed, Facebook has taken the care to edit a portrait of its users. Their genders, ages, preferences, passions, etc.. When we walk around on our News Feed we are targeted by ads that correspond to this portrait. It is possible to “trick” Facebook to modify your user profile in order to be targeted by other ads. However, this takes a lot of time and more importantly, it doesn’t solve the underlying problem: we are still targeted by a tiny fraction of the thousands of ads posted on social networks every day. So we miss out on most of the interesting ads!

Using an Adspy tool

The second possibility is to use tools to spy on advertisements. This is the case of Adspy tools that collect thousands of ads every day and make them available on a platform. This makes it possible to develop precise searches to find ads that interest you (target your niche or a specific audience, for example). You will then have access to a database of several tens of millions of ads to find your winning product.

Dropispy is an Adspy tool that makes it easy to find all these ads. We will see in the following articles how to use Dropispy to identify ads promoting high potential products.