To find a winning product with Dropispy’s Shops Spy tool section, we must first find an interesting Dropshipping store. In other words, a store with a good Alexa ranking.

In the section “SHOPS” (1), it is possible to choose the type of store. After filtering only Dropshipping stores (2), we can scroll through the pages and choose a popular store. This is the case of « » (3).

Alexa Rank

For this boutique, the Alexa Rank Global is around 42,000 and the Alexa Rank US is around 60,000. This means that out of more than 11,000,000 websites listed, « Woowlish » is the 42 000ᵉ most popular site in the world and the 60 000ᵉ most popular site in the United States. This site is therefore very interesting. Because of its popularity, we can undoubtedly say that « Woowlish » generates a significant amount of revenue. To get more details about this store just click on its line :

Looking at the evolution of the « Woowlish » rankings on the detail page, we notice that since December their Alexa Rank has been declining (see image below). In fact, the curve is increasing, their ranking has gone from 35,000 to 42,000. Now we know that the higher this ranking is, the less popular the store is. This store is therefore in slight decline, perhaps it was less active during the holiday season?

Nevertheless, « Woowlish » must be a huge source of inspiration for us. Despite their slight decrease, the store continues to generate a lot of traffic and must sell very good products!


We can notice that the bounce rate is good. Their landing pages must be particularly well-designed and adapted to their target.

Generally, the bounce rate of Dropshipping stores is around 50% and can go up to more than 70%.

Reminder: The bounce rate is the rate of visitors who arrived at the site and left without generating any interaction. High bounce rates can be an indicator of poor site quality. In Dropshipping, very good bounce rates are around 40%.


The majority of visitors to this site come from the United States (23.5%). This coincides with the good Alexa Rank US of the store.

Facebook Ads

This is probably the most interesting part of the page, it lists all the « Woowlish » ads that are currently running on Facebook (288 ads). We will also be able to spy on old ads that are no longer active on Facebook.

As we browse through the ads in this store, we will find some great ads promoting winning products. This way we can quickly fill out our list of products to test.

This is the case of this product to wash our back easily. « Woowlish » has created several ads that generate a lot of interaction:

Shopify Products

Dropispy lists all the products sold or tested by a store. What better way to find inspiration?

The tool also offers us the most sold products of the store at the moment: The Best-Sellers.

Sort by Best-seller

By clicking on one of the URLs below, we go directly to the site we are currently studying.

Another way to find the bestsellers of a store is to directly modify the URL of the site. Indeed, in the URL we can force the site to reveal its best products. We just have to place after the domain name this URL: /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling. See the red box below.

In the top 3 best-sellers we find the product that makes back washing easier. We can also find other winning products sold by the store, such as these cell phone chargers or this GPS holder in the car.