By default, in the “SHOPS” section, are classified all the websites on which Dropispy has data: Facebook ads, engagement, etc.

This ranking is established according to Alexa rank, for example, all Google’s sub-domains (,, etc.) are at the top of the list because Google is ranked first.

Reminder: The Alexa rank or Alexa ranking is a worldwide ranking system that ranks millions of sites in order of popularity. It is calculated by looking at the number of unique visitors (traffic) and the number of page views of a site over the last 3 months. The lower the number of unique visitors, the better the popularity of the site. For example, is 14th. This ranking lists more than 11,000,000 sites.

Search Filters

To make website searches, for example, sites designed with Shopify or those dedicated to Dropshipping, we need to define search criteria. To do this we can click on the Filters button:

A filter window appears on the screen. It allows us to search the database:

In this window, filters are grouped into several categories. We will list each of these filters category by category.


As its name indicates, the domain filter allows you to search for a site, a particular store in the database. Thus, collect information about the traffic, commitment, visitors, and active advertising of this store.


Platform: Allows you to sort the type of CMS (content management system) used to create and design the site (Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop etc.).

Shop type: Allows you to filter only the stores dedicated to Dropshipping. This way, find the most popular Dropshipping stores.

Métriques : Alexa rank

These metrics are used to filter websites according to global and US Alexa Rank.

In the next article, we will see how to find winning products using Dropispy’s Shops Spy tool. We will put into practice the filters we have just listed.